Parks & Recreation

Village Park

Swimming Pool Park

Memorial Field


The Village Park is located in the center of town and features a new, enclosed shelter house. Two open-air shelter houses 

are also available.

Memorial Field

Swimming Pool Park

Memorial Field


Memorial Field is home to Deshler's two

beautiful ball diamonds with a flurry of

activity during the summer months.

Swimming Pool Park

Swimming Pool Park

Swimming Pool Park


The swimming pool is open seasonally and offers annual passes or daily entry fees.  Shelter houses, a tennis court, and playground areas are available.

Reservoir Park

Crossroads Park

Swimming Pool Park


The Deshler Reservoir is stocked with 

several varieties of fish. 

A $10 fishing license is required and can be purchased at 10K Korner Mart.

Crossroads Park

Crossroads Park

Crossroads Park


Crossroads Park is a safe, friendly place to watch trains and take photos of a huge variety of engines and cars. 

The park welcomes rail fans from 

around the country.


Enclosed Shelter House, Village Park

Shelter House Rental

The enclosed shelter house in the Village Park can be reserved for use with a payment of $100 (two $50 checks or cash only).  $50 is returned to the renter if the shelter house is left in its original condition.  A form needs to be completed and returned to Village Hall with your payment.  Call 419-278-2955 for availability.

  • Please scroll down to find the Shelter House Rental Agreement.

The open shelter houses at the Village Park can also be rented.  The Maple Street shelter is $20 and the Park Street shelter is $15.

The open shelter houses located at the Pool Park, Reservoir Park, and Memorial Field are open to anyone on a first come-first served basis.


Swimming Pool

The Deshler Village Swimming Pool is open in June, July and August, weather permitting.  The pool is located at 420 N. Oak Street.     

POOL HOURS:  1:00-7:00 p.m. daily     

POOL RATES:    Daily Admission                           Season Passes

                             Adult: $3.00                                  Family:  $95.00 (Immediate family only)

                             Student:  $2.50                            Student:  $45.00 (Under 18 yrs old)  

                             Wading Pool:  $1.00                    Adult:  $55.00

                             After 6:00:  $1.00     

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons are offered each year by a Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor.    Dates and times to be determined annually.


Crossroads Park

Purchased in 1990 by Ronnie Thatcher and donated to the Bartlow Township Historical Society to establish the park to preserve the ability of those who wanted to be able to sit and watch trains. We offer a shelter house, WiFi, 24-hour rail radio scanner, BBQ area, fire ring, portable restroom facilities and safe parking near gas stations, shopping and restaurants. Located just off State Route 18 right on the diamond at 110 Mulberry Street.

Shelter House Rental Agreement

Click on a file to download.

Shelter house rental agreement (pdf)