Income Tax

Village Income Tax

The Village of Deshler has a 1% income tax with mandatory filing.

Office Located at Village Hall:

101 E. Main St.

Deshler, OH 43516

(419) 278-2955 PH

(419) 278-1295 FAX

Due Date

Village income taxes are due April 15th of each year.

Tax Forms

See downloads below.

Income Tax FAQ's


My employer withholds Deshler tax. Do I still have to file?

Yes, the Village of Deshler has mandatory filing for residents. 

I pay tax to the city I work in. Do I receive credit for that?

No, the Village of Deshler currently does not offer credit for local taxes paid elsewhere.

I moved in/out of the village mid-year. How should I file?

You will only owe tax on what was earned while you lived here.  Please contact the tax office for assistance at 419-278-2955.

What box from my W-2 do I use to calculate Deshler tax?

Typically Box 5 or 18 is used (whichever is higher).  Income taxable by the village may differ from the income taxed by the Internal Revenue Service.

I am retired. Do I pay taxes on my pension?

No, retirement income is not taxable for village taxes. Any other type of income after retiring (part time job, business owner, including rentals & farming), however, would be taxed.  Please notify the tax office if you are newly retired so your record can be updated.

What types of payments are accepted?

At this time only cash, checks or money orders can be accepted.

Tax Ordinances

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